Windshield Wax vs Car Wax

Many people love to show off their cars. For this particular reason, they want to keep their cars clean and dirt-free using car wax and windshield wax. You may know about car waxing and you also know the importance of it. Wax and polish are not as different as chalk and cheese but they are not same either. You cannot afford your car to be dirty. Aging of the exterior part of the car is a natural process and it will be dull after some times. So, you will have to check all these and take care of your car if you want to boast off it. For this reason, you should maintain this from a few times a year.

Windshield Wax

Car polish versus car wax:

You should know the fact that a car wax can work like a nail polish or nail paint. The nail paint leaves behind a protective layer on the nail. Like this, car wax does the same thing as well. It leaves a protective layer on the car after the polishing effect. Most of the waxes are coming with UV inhibitors, so it can protect the cars from the harsh UV rays of sun. 

On the other hand, the car polish can give you a normal polish and it can remove only small and minor scratches. Polishing is used while the paint of the car has been dimmed and lost its shine. Find out more on white car wax and the best wax for black cars.

When to use these: 

Before applying wax or polish, you need to wash your car thoroughly and make sure it is dry as well. After that you need to run your finger over the car body and feel the rough spots and elevated specks. The surface of the car needs to be smooth in order to apply the wax. It is better to apply polishing coat before applying wax on it. 

You need to wax your car but should you include waxing car windows?

Windows and Windshield Wax:

There are so many benefits that you will get from waxing your car windows. So, let’s see the advantages of windshield wax. These are as follows:

Windshield Wax

1. Wash your car to remove dirt: It is not a good idea to wax your car windows without cleaning it thoroughly. If you do so, the wax will not bind to the glass material properly. if you wax your car without cleaning it properly, then you are probably just wasting your money. 

2. Use a microfibre wash cloth: Micro-fibre cloth is a non-abrasive cleaning cloth which is very effective. The material of these cloth’s will also lessen the appearance of pesky swirl marks. 

3. Wax can protect the windows from elements: The regular windshield wax can protect your car windows and it can help your windshield wipers working without any trouble. A good coating of wax can help you to protect your windows and any rain that lands on it will also fly right off (without the use of the wipers). It is smart idea and best to use and apply the windshield wax at least twice a year. 

Why waxing your car’s windows and windshield is better?

Best wax for clear coat

Waxing your car windows is a great idea. You may know that wax leaves a very thin skin of hydrophobic layer on any surface. For this reason, the water will not form in beads and instead of it, water will roll down from the surface. This is very much needed while you drive on a rainy weather. Windows have slippery surface just because of wax treatment. So the water will not form beads and it will not make any obstruction as well. 

If you live in a snowy climate area, then you probably already know the needs of windshield treatments. This wax treatment will prevent the snow from sticking on the windows and windshield and hence this will help you easily remove the snow building up.

Waxing your car windows is very much important to get rid of these kinds of issues, as a thin hydrophobic layer on the glass will save you. These are the main reasons why car owners put windshield wax on their cars. 

Car wax and windshield wax:

You should not stop to do only normal car wax. You also need to do the wax treatment on your windshield and windows. There are several benefits of doing this, such as:

  • Your car may get scratches from time to time (see best wax to remove scratches recommended by us here!). So, you will have to be very careful about your car. Waxing can help you to mitigate these kinds of issues.
  • The wax will help you to prevent your car from the UV rays.
  • It helps to protect the paint of the car.
  • You can drive easily without any complications like rain obstructing your vision.
  • Well-serviced cars can be driven safely.

We all know that car polish is applied before car waxing. The car polish can keep your car shiny and the wax treatment can protect this shinning as well. Now you know how to handle your car and maintain it properly. You should not only apply wax on your car but you also need to apply wax on the car’s windshield. This will protect your windshield and enhance its longevity as well.

You should repeat this process twice a year, remembering that you have a responsibility to your car if you want it to maintain it’s exterior quality. You should choose the car wax and windshield wax that suits your car best. To read more on how to wax a car, read here.