Best car wax for your car

Car wax! Currently, there are many products for the care of your vehicle on the market, where car wax is one of them. To this day it is still important to keep your car in better condition, being a good option next to the polishing of the paint.

Why should I wax my car?

Mainly, to protect the paint of your vehicle, as they provide a coating that protects it from rain, ultraviolet rays, and air pollutants. It also generates an attractive shine in the paint, enhancing the color of your vehicle. Wax also helps delay oxidation by forming a physical barrier between metal and salts, oils and other contaminants. It can also help if you have scratches on your car.

What type of wax should I use in my car?

Vehicle Wax

There are only two types of vehicle wax: Natural and Synthetic.

Natural waxes are processed primarily from a natural source, whether animal or vegetable. A layer of wax of this type can last between 3 and 6 months in your car, depending on how much you use it. Read more on white car wax.

Synthetic waxes or also known as sealants, are made of polymers and are manufactured in the laboratory. The wax layer of a sealant lasts approximately 4 to 9 months, depending on the use of the vehicle.

Both waxes can be obtained in liquid form, spray or paste.

Should I polish my car?

You can do it when you want to remove any scratches or dirt. Polishing is the process where a liquid (polish) is applied to previously painted surfaces to remove scratches and dirt. To fulfill this purpose, it contains abrasive elements that will polish the surface, although they are actually removing a thin layer of car paint.

Differences between waxing and polishing

Best car wax

Many people confuse the polishing process with the waxing process, but it is not so. Waxing is covering your car with a protective layer that will help to brighten your paint, while car polish is the opposite, removes the scratchy dirt layers that the vehicle may have. Read more on the best wax for black cars

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