Steps To Waxing Your Car To Make Your Car Look Brand New

Steps To Waxing Your Car To Make Your Car Look Brand New

As a car owner, we want to retain the quality of our vehicles as if it was just purchased yesterday. One trick is through car wax. But is car waxing necessary? Let’s learn more about this important car technique.

How to polish your car, Car Wax

What Is Car Waxing?

Car wax can be a natural or synthetic product but its main purpose is to provide a thin layer of protection to automobile parts. Waxing a car can also enhance the vehicle’s paint depth and shine. The majority of car waxes in the market come with natural oils, beeswax, and petroleum distillates. Some have full-blown synthetic substances and even use synthetic resins and polymers that serve as shine enhancers.

Benefits of Car Waxing

As car owners, we should learn how to wax a car properly. This skill has a lot of value and goes beyond the simple pleasure of doing the job to see the final result. These are some of the benefits of having your car waxed:

Protects Against Scratches

Car scratches are a common accident. These often affect the car’s clear coat that is the outermost layer of the car’s paint. Applying car wax provides a thin layer of protection to the clear coat of paint on top of the auto.

Protects Against Exposure

The body of a vehicle is exposed to various weather elements such as rain, snow, wind, and ultraviolet rays. Not to mention other components like tree sap, road salt, or bird droppings. These elements affect the chemicals found in the car’s paint and later on produces fading or chipping. Regular car waxing can prevent this from happening.

Makes Your Car Easier to Clean

One of the very useful properties of car wax is its cleaning benefits. It prevents dirt from penetrating the vehicle’s surface by generating a smooth and protective layer around the paint. As a result, dirt and other particles are easily washed off.

Improves Resale Value

When you decide to sell your car, one of the things professional estimators consider for the resale price is the car’s body and paint condition. Showing signs of age or faded paint can decrease a car’s resale price. Having your car waxed regularly protects it from any damages and retains its newly purchased look.

Saves You Money

Repainting your car can be expensive. That is why it’s better to include car waxing in your regularly scheduled maintenance to avoid such costs. This work extends the car paint’s lifespan significantly, saving you from spending more money.

A Step-by-Step Car Wax Process

Here is a simple guide on how to wax your car:

Get the Best Car Wax

There are two types of automobile wax available, carnauba-based wax and paint sealant. The carnauba wax contains ingredients made from Brazilian palm tree leaves and provides high-quality shine. On the other hand, paint sealant is a polymer-based wax that gives cars a longer-lasting shine and extra protection. Wax can also come in a paste, liquid, or spray form. If your car still has a good finish, you can opt for spray wax. But if your car is already old or the finish begins to oxidize, go for a liquid wax instead as they are considered the best in cleaning.

Wash Your Car

Clean your car before waxing. Leaving dirt or grime on the car’s surface may result in the paint’s clear coat becoming scratched after applying the wax. Make sure that door jambs, door handles, and all other neglected areas are thoroughly cleaned. Also, your automobile should be completely dry before applying the wax.

Car Wax

Choose an Area of Your Automobile to Begin Waxing

Apply the car wax in sections. This is so you can remember where you started applying the wax and prevent the wax from drying or staying on the car too long. The wax left on the car for too long can be difficult to remove making it labor-intensive and difficult. A great tip is to begin applying wax on the front fender panel on both sides of the vehicle above the front wheels. Then, continue waxing to the front and around the car until you finish each section.

Apply the Wax in a Circular Motion

Get a small amount of wax and apply it to the car in a circular motion, either in horizontal or vertical rows. Don’t apply too much wax. You should be able to still see the paint color through the wax during application.

Remove the Wax

Use a microfiber towel or soft cloth to remove the wax from the car’s surface. Gently apply pressure using the cloth and move it in a circular motion to remove the wax. You can also buff the car to increase the vehicle’s shine and paint luster. The car wax process should make the surface of your automobile glossy.

Protect Your Car From Hail Damage And Keep It Clean At Home

Protect Your Car From Hail Damage And Keep It Clean At Home
Hail Protection

Every person who owns a car should know how to protect a car from hail. Hailstorms can strike at anytime and could be incredibly harmful to your vehicle. One hailstorm lasting five minutes can quickly result in your time and money in repair costs. This will definitely leave you irritated and somewhat helpless while thinking about how to protect a car from hail.

On the other hand, everyone aspires to have a gleaming, clean automobile. Car wax items are quite useful in keeping any car appearing cleaner and nicer. Therefore, in addition to these advantages, they certainly play an important function in safeguarding the outside of your vehicle from contaminating substances and inclement weather. They apply a measure of protection onto your vehicle’s clear coat to keep it safe from the climate.

How To Protect A Car From Hail

Not many drivers know how to protect a car from hail when they become entangled in a storm. Unfortunately, theres no option of pressing a button on your gaming console to activate a hail shelter or set your car to “hail settings”.

One of the best solution to safeguard your vehicle against hail would be keeping it in a completely enclosed garage. This might mean watching the weather forecast, and parking it at your local grocery store with undercover parking for safety.

Make Your Car Look Shiny At The Same Time

One of the most compelling reasons to have your automobile polished periodically is to make the car shimmer, glitter, and shine. Car wax could dramatically increase the sheen of your vehicle’s paint. The car wax makes your car look clean and fresh while driving the streets.

By failing to polish your automobile on a regular basis, you are increasing the likelihood of corrosive particles in the environment damaging your car. When there is a lack of wax on the vehicle, these compounds become incorporated into a layer of your vehicle. They get even harder to clean without causing damage to the color of the vehicle. Waxing is one of the best ways to keep your car clean.

Importance of looking after cars

How To Protect A Car From Hail

Maintenance of looking after cars is essential. Knowing how to protect your car from hail is a good thing to know. If you look after your car properly, you will make your car last longer and the resell value higher.

Maintaining a car’s battery, changing filters on a regular basis, driving nicely, refilling fluids frequently, checking the car’s tyres as well as follow the servicing schedule are among the most important tips for maintaining the car in an appropriate way. However, don’t forget to cover your car when necessary, especially if you don’t own a garage. And in the case of hail, think of putting lots of towels on your car to protect the paint and exterior from damage


As you already know your car is generally exposed to many types of weather. So, many factors like road salt, UV-rays, or even hail may all harm the exterior of your car. Applying a layer of wax frequently may assist in protecting the body of your car as a result of being exposed to these potentially hazardous components. That is why it is crucial to know how to protect a car from hail and keep it clean on a regular basis.

Finding The Best Quality Ceramic Car Wax For Your Car

Finding The Best Quality Ceramic Car Wax For Your Car

When you buy a new car, truck, or SUV, you want to keep it looking like new forever, right? Besides washing your vehicle regularly, applying a protective layer such as ceramic car wax is the next best thing.

Black Car Wax

Unless you have a garage, keeping your vehicle clean and shiny is almost an impossible task. Although a regular car wax can keep your car looking new and glossy for a couple of weeks to a month, ceramic car wax can offer better protection. Moreover, ceramic wax is easier and faster to apply, and it provides much higher durability than regular wax.

Regardless of which method you choose to protect your car, regular wax or ceramic wax, the durability of that protection will depend on storage and environmental conditions. But if you want your vehicle to look as good as new, then the ceramic car wax is exactly what you need.

What Is a Ceramic Car Wax?

A ceramic was is a liquid protection product designed to provide longevity, shine, and everlasting protection to your car’s paint.

Ceramic waxes are synthetic, and they don’t contain any real wax properties. They contain completely chemical polymers, designed to bond with the car’s paint. Due to this, ceramic car waxes produce a slippery surface and offer a stronger coating than regular waxes.

This product can be applied just like a standard paste wax, or it can be sprayed on. It’s usually much easier and faster to apply and doesn’t need re-coating as often as traditional wax. Furthermore, you don’t have to remove the previous layer before applying a new one. Ceramic waxes allow you to build layers over time.

Because the ceramic wax coating is easier to apply and maintain, this product is perfect for car owners that want top protection and shine, but don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat

The Shine Armor quick ceramic car wax features an advanced 3 in 1 formula that offers waterless wash, coat, and shine in one bottle. This is all possible thanks to the blend of surfactants and SiO2.

This formula makes the Shine Armor one of the most popular ceramic waxes on the market. Moreover, this formula allows for an easy and fast application. It will take you no more than 15 minutes. Just make sure your vehicle is properly washed before applying the wax.

The Shine Armor is also safe for all surfaces, including your mirrors, wheels, and windshield. A great product for those who need a quick and simple way to maintain a clean and shiny car.

Check the price today

Ethos Ceramic Wax PRO

The ceramic car wax from Ethos features three products in one bottle: wax, polish, and sealant. While the traditional waxing process involves separately buying and applying these products, the Ethos ceramic wax allows for an instant formula, resulting in superior protection and longer-lasting results.

Once applied, the Ethos ceramic wax provides better reflection than most waxes on the market. Furthermore, the instant buff formula protects the paint from environmental damage such as UV rays, contaminants, and water spots. With proper maintenance, this product’s paint protection can last up to a year.

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The LAST COAT Premium Car Wax

The application of this ceramic wax can be done in three easy steps. Spray your microfiber towel with the Last Coat premium wax, apply the wax on your vehicle, and use another clean towel to buff to a high gloss shine. It’s that easy.

This water-based liquid infusion is free of oil and silicone, and it sprays on more easily than most ceramic waxes. This premium wax is applicable on all surfaces, such as dashboards, leather seats, and instrument panels. Furthermore, you can apply this wax in your household, including your kitchen appliances and glass.

The Last Coat leaves less residue than most waxes, and it’s extremely hydrophobic and UV protectant. In addition, it works on chrome, paint, plastic, glass, vinyl, leather, stainless steel, and more. And the best thing, it offers protection for up to six months.

Check the price today


To keep that shiny and glossy look on your car, routine washing will still be required. However, a finish with ceramic wax will prevent dust buildup, and make the exterior smoother. Ceramic waxes are designed for faster and easier application than standard waxes, they can be layered with each application, and simply last longer. Quality ceramic car wax can change the appearance of your car for the better.

Why All Black Car Owners Should Use A Black Car Wax

Why All Black Car Owners Should Use A Black Car Wax
Black Car Wax

Black cars are elegant, sleek, and noticeable, but they are usually the most difficult to keep shiny. That is why you’ll need the best black car wax for the job.

When it comes to black cars, every flaw on the body is very noticeable, whether it’s dust or minor scratches. However, with regular maintenance such as waxing, you can eliminate those little imperfections and keep the shine for longer.

It all starts with using the best black car wax for your car. Regular waxing is very beneficial for your car’s paint. Furthermore, wax protects the paint from dust, debris, and harmful UV rays as well.

The question remains, what is the best wax for a black or dark-colored car? There are many options on the market. To help you make the most informed decision, in this article we will go through the reason why you need a black car wax, the benefits of using one, and our top pick.

Why Black Cars Need a Specific Black Car Wax

When you are waxing your vehicle, it’s important to use wax that would match the color of your car. This way you can avoid discoloring, and give your car a brilliant shine at the same time.

Regular car wax can work fine on black cars, however, it won’t be able to hide the imperfections as good as the black car wax. This type of wax is specifically made for black exteriors and correcting the visible flaws.

Benefits of Wax for Black Cars

Protection from UV rays and rain. If you don’t have a garage, protecting your car from the sun, as well as the rain should be on top of your list. A quality wax can do that for you.

Remove light surface defects. Waxing can remove or conceal light surface scratching on your vehicle’s paint.

Giving your car a shiny look. Waxing is the easiest way to make your car shiny and glossy. This can make your car look new.

Maintain your investment. Whether you have an old or brand new car, the wax can protect your car from road debris, acidic rain, bugs, and salt, maintaining its value at its highest.

Saves you money. Waxing your car frequently will extend the paint’s lifespan significantly and avoid rust in the process. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Turtle Wax Colour Magic Jet Black Car Polish 500ml

As you can see, waxing offers so many benefits. There are many waxing products on the market, some better than others. To help you choose the right one, we selected a product we believe is the right one for the job.

The Turtle Wax Colour Magic Jet Black Car Wax combines 25 years of experience with the latest technological advancements. By incorporating black pigments and a combination of Carnauba and Montan wax, you can effectively restore your black and shiny color, and remove minor scratches and swirls. Furthermore, it works effectively on oxidized paintwork to bring the color back to life.

Generally speaking, a layer of wax will cover your vehicle’s paint with a protective layer. The Turtle Wax Color Magic goes even further by adding polish compounds to the wax for an even shinier look. The wax is also suitable for metallic and clear coats.

How to Use the Wax

  • First, wash and dry your vehicle.
  • Shake the wax bottle well.
  • Apply to clean and cool surface.
  • Apply a small amount of wax onto a microfiber cloth and wax one section at a time. (Avoid materials like plastics and rubber.)
  • Allow the wax to dry.
  • Remove the excess with a clean cloth.

This wax guarantees superb protection. Moreover, it can rejuvenate the faded color, and provide long-lasting protection with an outstanding shine.

The biggest drawback of this wax is that it doesn’t come with an applicator pad or microfiber cloths. Nevertheless, if you want a car wax that is inexpensive and does an impressive job, the Turtle Wax Colour Magic Jet Black Car Polish is worth considering.

Overall, this wax is easy to use even if you don’t have experience with waxing. Keeping your black car looking like new has never been easier.


You can’t go wrong with the color black for your vehicle. However, waxing is a must if you want to preserve the quality of the paint and the shine. It’s not difficult, nor expensive to keep your car in peak condition.

Now you know the benefits of waxing your car, and why a black car wax is essential when it comes to waxing. If you are ready to restore and rejuvenate your car’s paint, feel free to try our pick for the best wax for black cars, the Turtle Wax Colour Magic Jet Black Car wax.

The Best DIY Car Polishing Tips For Beginners

The Best DIY Car Polishing Tips For Beginners
Car Polishing Tips

If you want to keep your car shiny and protected at all times, DIY car polish is absolutely necessary. For most of us, our car is one of the most valuable and useful items we own. Therefore, it’s important to keep it not only looking great but feeling great as well.

Cars can take a lot of time when maintaining. So if you are going to put the time and effort in, your car will look and work at its best for longer. DIY car polish is part of that maintenance. Polishing your car will help extend the life of the paint and the exterior.

Polishing is the step between washing and waxing. However, this is often a forgotten step. But, when done properly, it can give your car’s exterior a new look. If you want to know more about the benefits of DIY car polish, keep on reading.

DIY Car Polish


Performing a DIY car polish starts with preparation. Before you wash the car, make sure the car is not exposed to direct sunlight, and park the car is on a solid surface, and not on dirt or grass.


Wash and rinse the entire vehicle. Start from top to bottom, but pay attention to the wheels, they hold the most dirt and mud. Rinsing will remove dirt and debris from the paint.


Polish can be done in two ways, by hand or by a machine. Although machines are much less time-consuming, by polishing by hand, you can perform more detailed polishing work.

You will need a few things, such as:

  • Water
  • Polishing compound
  • Polishing pads
  • Microfiber towels

Apply the compound in small doses, and use circular motions with the polishing pads to spread it all over the car. You can use the microfiber towel to wipe any leftover residue.


If you desire, you can add wax after polishing it to make it look more glossy. A layer of wax will serve as protection for everything you just did. For more tips on waxing, visit our website.

Finishing Touches

While the wax is drying, touch up on all the other areas of the car, like the windows, the door handles, and the interior. Move the car into the sunlight for a final inspection.

What Are the Benefits of Polishing Your Car?

DIY car polish has many benefits. The main one is to protect the exterior of your car. The paint is subjected to sun, rain, snow, wind, and road debris. A layer of polish can help smooth and reduce damages.

Paint Defects. The most common paint defects are swirl marks, paint peels, and uneven coating. Polishing can often conceal these defects and make the paintwork look smooth and appealing.

Eliminates Scratches. Car scratches are normal, regardless of how careful you are. For this reason, car polish can act as a buffer and remove shallow surface scratches on your car.

Invisible Spots. These spots are tricky to remove, and they may require repainting your entire car. However, these spots can be smoothened with car polish.

Shiny and Glossy. Last but not least, polishing your car will result in a smooth, shiny, and glossy appearance.

Polishing your car may not remove all of the imperfections on your car, but it can help protect against future ones.

Some Misconceptions About Waxing and Polishing Your Car:

Some people think that polishing and waxing are the same things, some think that polishing comes after waxing. There are many misconceptions about polishing, here are some.

DIY Car Polish

Do I need to polish my car?

Not necessarily. Although you don’t have to polish your car, polishing is very beneficial. It will improve and prolong the life of the paint. Moreover, it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

How often should I polish my car?

Maintenance in the form of polishing and waxing is not a weekly task. Polishing can be done every 5 to 6 months, or 2-3 times a year. Waxing is something you need to do twice as often, every 3 or so months. The inside of the car, however, should be done weekly or monthly.

Can a Car Polish Be Cost-effective?

Unless you take your car to an expensive professional, DIY car polish is not that expensive. In the long run, it’s much cheaper and quicker to polish your car a couple of times a year than to have your car’s paint job touched up by a professional because you haven’t protected the car’s paint properly.


In conclusion, DIY car polish is 100% worth it financially. If you don’t have the time or the skills to perform it yourself, letting a professional polish your car is still a great idea.

When it comes to car maintenance, car polishing is one of the most important aspects. Overall, restoring the glossiness, removing the appearance of surface defects such as surface scratches and swirls, and maintaining healthy paintwork can all be done by a DIY car polish.

How To Clean Your Car Properly

How To Clean Your Car Properly

How to wax my car, and why should I do it? Those are probably the first questions you ask yourself upon purchasing a new car or even a used vehicle. Car waxing is a great method and a great technique you can use. This way you can make your old car look like a new one, and increase the brightness and shininess of your car.

To avoid mistakes and potentially destroy the paint on your car, instead of enchanting it, you need to know how to waxyour car. Waxing is a process where you apply a layer of wax on the outside of your vehicle. This is a combination of several oils and polymers that will give your vehicle a shiny glow.

Learning the basic knowledge on how to wax your car is a skill that will come in handy many times over the course of your life. Every car-owner knows that this ability has a long-term value. A properly done wax also protects your car from minor scratches and prevents oxidation.

Here are a few tips you should know before waxing your car.

Which type of wax should you use?

Car paint polish

Before you start working on your car, you should know which type of wax you need to apply to your car. There are three types of waxes that are most commonly used:

  • Spray wax. This wax is generally the quickest to apply. Before applying, make sure you shake the bottle first.
  • Paste wax. This one is a bit harder to apply and more time-consuming but offers better and longer-lasting results.
  • Liquid wax. This type of wax is somewhere in the middle between the spray and wax when it comes to effort and results.

Often, how to wax your car and the final result will depend largely on the quality of the wax, and the type of wax you use. Quality wax means a higher price tag. While a low-quality wax is more economical, that also means that your car will lose the shine quicker. Therefore, using a low-quality wax will require more frequent waxing, which can get boring and time-consuming.

High-quality wax is a bit more expensive, but the benefits are much greater. The shininess will last longer, and the need for waxing will be less frequent.

How to wax my car – Things to do before waxing!

Before you start waxing your vehicle, you should always take a few precautionary steps. The more meticulously you are able to prepare your vehicle, and your vehicle’s paint and surface, the greater the final results will be.

Best Conditions for Waxing

If you want to know how to wax your car, you need to know when to do it as well. Avoid the waxing process in freezing conditions as well as direct sunlight in warm weather. Car wax, regardless of the type, works best at cool temperatures, so perform the waxing in the shades when it’s hot, or in a garage when it’s freezing. Waxing indoors is the best option. You can control the temperature and avoid airborne contamination such as bird droppings, tree leaves, or dust from the wind.

Best wax for clear coat

Remove Dirt

Removing any dirt and grime is key. Wash your vehicle with soap and a lot of water thoroughly to prevent any dirt from remaining on the surface, and then dry the panels. If you do not clean the dirt, you risk rubbing that dirt on the paint, damaging the paint and creating scratches.

Remove Paint Imperfections

In case there are noticeable swirls and light scratches on the surface of your car, try to repair them with a polishing compound before waxing.

Steps to Waxing a Car

After washing the car, let it dry and park it under a shade or in a garage. Be sure to use an appropriate amount of wax. In any case, applying more wax is better than applying too little. And if you are worried about applying wax on certain places, use tape or plastic to cover them.

Take a microfiber towel, and apply the necessary amount to the car surface. Working on one section of the surface at a time is better than applying wax all over the car.

Rub the wax with one side of the microfiber towel, in straight lines. You can rub the wax either in straight horizontal or straight vertical lines. Avoid rubbing the wax in circular motions, as this technique can actually ruin the effect of the wax.

Once you are done with the entire surface of the vehicle, allow the wax to settle, but make sure it does not completely dry out. Then you can start removing it. Use a new microfiber towel, or use the clean side of the already used towel to do this. Make sure you are putting enough pressure, as removing the wax is slightly harder than applying it.


Regular waxing is necessary if you want to protect the car paint from bad weather. In addition to protecting, car wax also improves and enhances the appearance of the car. Good and quality wax tends to last longer.

Waxing your car must be done with the correct products, tools, and techniques for lasting results. Learning how to waxyour car is easy, and this is something you can absolutely do by yourself.

So, how to wax my car, and why should I do it? We hope this article answered your questions.

How to use car wax to remove scratches

How to use car wax to remove scratches

Whether you own a new or used car, it can be a real bummer when you discover a new dent or scratch. A scratch or scuff mark can not only ruin the appearance of your vehicle but also lead to rust or other severe damage to the paint. In this situation, it’s ideal to use car wax to remove scratches.

Car scratches

But accidents happen, and we all make mistakes. Sometimes those scratches are our fault by grazing the door with our watch, missing the keyhole every now and then, poor parking, or those scratches can be caused by a variety of things like vandalism, minor car accidents, or road debris.

Discovering a new scratch on your car’s surface is the worst feeling ever, especially if you have a brand new car. But, you can solve this problem by using car wax to remove scratches and save a few bucks in the process by avoiding those expensive repairs at a body shop.

It doesn’t matter if it’s one scratch or many, for a first-time car owner, fixing those scratches may seem like an impossible job to do. But don’t despair, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to restore the shiny appearance of your car.

Car Wax to Remove Scratches

Waxing your car is more than just giving it a shiny look. When done correctly, you can extend the life of the paint job, protect it from environmental damage, and also remove some light scratches. Implementing a car wax to remove scratches regularly is crucial because it can help with scratches, color fading, and external corrosion.

There are different types of car wax to remove scratches, and you need to know the difference. The two main types are natural and synthetic.

Like the names suggest, the natural car wax is made from natural ingredients, most commonly from the leaves of the carnauba palm tree. The natural wax is recommended for vehicles with darker colors, and it’s very popular among owners of vintage classics because of the high level of protection it provides and the stunning shine it offers. On the negative side, the natural car wax tends to wear-off rather quickly, which means you’ll need to re-apply it more often.

best car scratch remover

The synthetic car wax is artificial and it’s specifically made to bond with the paint, giving it a shiny look and protection that can last for up to a year, depending on whether you keep your car in a garage or at the mercy of mother nature. Because of its durability, the synthetic car wax is often the preferred choice, but if you are looking to keep your car as shiny and glossy as possible, the natural car wax is the way to go. If you would like to see the best car waxes we recommend for your car, read here.

What You Need to Do

Assess the Damage: The first step is the most important. To determine how severe the scratches are, take a closer look. You can do a simple test by guiding your nail across the scratch. If the marks feel smooth to the touch and your nail doesn’t catch between the scratches, it means the scratches are not too deep and you can resolve this problem with regular car wax to remove scratches.

Clean and Dry the Area: Before you start, you need to make sure there are no residuals of dust, sand, or oil on the area you are going to work on, or you risk damaging the area further. Make sure the scratching spots are cleaned and dried thoroughly.

Wax on – Wax off: Apply the car wax to remove scratchesand with a microfiber cloth wipe on the scratched surface gently and in small clockwise circles. Apply this technique until you can no longer see the scratches.

Inspect: If the scratches are gone, wipe the area with a clean microfiber cloth, but if you still see the scratches, repeat this process all over again, until desired results are achieved. If the scratches are still there, they might be too deep, and you need to look for an alternative method.

Alternative Methods to Remove Scratches

Best wax for clear coat

Scratch and Swirl Removal Products: Such types of products usually contain several specialized polishing agents intended to eliminate imperfections in the surface and could include wax or clear polymers to fill in deeper scratches. You can use these products to repair a single scratch or you can apply them for overall restoration. They are easy to use and don’t require special expertise or deep knowledge.

A Paint Pen: This is a quick and easy way to fix scratches, especially in smaller areas. But it’s important to make sure that the paint pen is the exact color code as the paint on your car. The good news is, you can find the perfect match pretty easily because most car manufacturers make them. Upon applying the paint pen, let the primer dry for at least 20 minutes, and then apply a layer of clear coat.

With many different kinds of scratches, there are different ways you can resolve the problem. For the shallow scratches you can use car wax to remove scratches. But for more severe scratches, finding a professional auto repair shop is your best option.


When it comes to paint correction, everyone takes care of their cars differently, and that depends largely on what kind of investment you want to make. Dealing with your car’s paint and scratches requires a lot of time and patience, and before you even begin, you need to prep the surface so naturally, you’ll be bending a lot, kneeling, and standing up which takes a toll on your body. You need to consider how much time and effort are you willing to invest in your car and whether a trip to the shop would be a more productive choice. The decision to perform the work yourself by using car wax to remove scratches or to pay an auto repair shop is not going to be an easy one.

Our recommendation is to attempt the process of repairing the scratches at least once, just to get the feel for it. It will certainly cost you less than taking your car to the professionals, and you even might learn a new and valuable skill that will come in handy for the rest of your life. Whichever option you choose, the habit of using car wax to remove scratches and detailing your vehicle on a regular basis will pay off in the long run.

If you’re looking for normal wax for your car, see our recommendations for wax for black cars and white car wax.

What is Car Window Wax?

What is Car Window Wax?

How well you take care of your car windows determines whether they give you a good or poor view of the surrounding. By applying car window wax, your windows remain sparkling clean, giving you a better look and avoiding accidents as well.

Unfortunately, a common myth surrounding car maintenance is that applying car window wax is a bad idea. Therefore, most car owners resort to conventional methods of cleaning their windows. The truth is that waxing your car windows will help repel rain and debris. Besides, it will give your car a glossy, shiny look, which your vehicle deserves.

What is car wax?

Car wax is a synthetic product often made of carnauba wax which seeks to protect the body of a car. It protects the vehicle by protecting the car’s clear coat as well as the paint job. Unfortunately, most car owners aren’t aware that they can also wax their car windows.

What are the benefits of car window wax?

Waxing your windshield

The first benefit of waxing your car windows is that water will not form on the surface. When you take off the wax, it leaves a thin hydrophobic layer. The layer ensures that water will neither cling on the surface of the window, and it won’t form beads. 

Instead, it will roll down, making it easy to see through the window. The rolling down of water is particularly essential for your windshield when driving during rainy conditions.

Second, waxing your windows, especially the windshield, helps reduce noise when using wipers. Wax leaves a slippery surface, which reduces friction and eliminates unwanted noise when using the wipers. Without the squeaking sound of wipers, you are likely to enjoy driving in the rain.

Waxing your windows also offers UV protection, which in turn benefits the car’s interior. Lastly, the need to apply car window wax, especially during winter, is understated. The hydrophobic layer that wax leaves will ensure snow doesn’t stick to the windows. Thus it will be easy to get the snow buildup down from your windows as you rush to work in the morning.

How to wax your car windows

Before applying car window wax, you need to:

  1. Thoroughly clean your car. Ensure there is no dust, debris, or particles on the window before applying the wax. The presence of particles, dirt, or debris will make it hard for the wax to adhere to the window. When cleaning, we recommend using water and soap.
  2. Once the car is clean, dry the windows thoroughly. Any moisture on the window will make it hard for the wax to stick to the surface of the window. Remember, wax is oily, and oil doesn’t get along with water.
  3. Decide on the type of wax you need. There are two main types of wax to choose from; wax that is in liquid form and one that is a paste. If you have little experience with waxing, we recommend car wax liquid. It is easy to apply and ideal for slightly new cars. 
  4. Buy the wax. When purchasing the wax, be extremely cautious to avoid buying polish instead of wax. Car wax is purely made of wax, while car polish contains chemical elements that are abrasive. Therefore, applying car polish on your windows could be disastrous.

If you haven’t tried waxing your windows before, don’t be afraid. It is a relatively simple and safe process. Applying the wax on your car windows is similar to applying the wax on your car body.

Car polish

When applying the wax, consider using a microfiber towel. Its material is gentle compared to the material of other cloths; hence it won’t scratch your windows. Also, a microfiber towel can eliminate swirl marks, which are common after waxing. After applying, leave the wax on and let it dry. Then wipe it off and buff to give it a glossy appearance.

For better results, consider applying the car window wax twice. Note that you need to wax your car when it is in the shade. Waxing under direct sunlight may not be efficient since the wax may dry excessively fast. 


Contrary to the myth, applying car window wax is a good idea for your car. You get to enjoy a more unobstructed view of the surroundings and protect the windows from UV rays. Besides, you get to see clearly when driving in the rain, and you don’t have to worry about the irritating squeaking sound of your wipers. To maintain its integrity, consider waxing your car windows twice a year.

If you’re unsure on what type of car wax you should get, have a look at our black car wax and white car wax that we recommend to find the highest quality, right wax for you!

How to buff out paint scratches on a car

How to buff out paint scratches on a car

Cars may appear to be all strong, but there are simple things that can ruin a car’s image. Scratches and chips always ruin a perfect car paint. The thing is scratches and chips are unavoidable one way or another you or someone else will accidentally scratch off your car paint. I know it is annoying to look at a car’s chipped paint but, there is a way to fix up the paint scratches without going broke.

That’s right. You don’t need to go to the garage to have paint scratches corrected. You can trust us, we’ve done the research on buffing out scratches on your car for you! You can do it all at home. Now that you have breathed a sigh of relief at the realization that you won’t be spending hundreds of dollars to buff out paint scratches on your car, it is time to learn how to restore your vehicle to its previous glory at home.

Before you begin the process of clearing out paint scratches on your car’s surface, it is crucial you know the difference between polishing compounds and scratch removers. The difference between these two products is their formulation. Rubbing and polishing compounds are best used when the focus is oxidation and dull finish while scratch-repair or swirl removing products are used if the focus is repairing of a scratch or removal of finish blemishes.

How car scratch remover products work

best car scratch remover

When you want to remove scratches on your car you probably want to use products that have single application formulas. What products, like scratch and swirl removers, with single application formulas do is allow improvement of your paintwork finish quickly and easily. You can use scratch and swirl removers to perform a localized repair.

I know, you’re probably wondering when do we get to the steps of how to get rid of paint scratches. Here are the steps you should follow in order to restore your car’s paint work after its chipped.

Removal of swirls from paintwork

1. The first step in how to remove swirls is washing and drying your car.

2. Apply a wax scratch repair and renew product of your choice to a cotton or microfiber towel that is folded into a square measuring roughly 6″x6″. After applying the product spread it to an area on your car’s surface that measures 2’x2′ square foot.

3. For about 60 seconds, rub the area using back and forth strokes.

4. Let the surface dry to a light haze. Remember to remove the excess swirl removal product with a towel or soft cotton.

5. Watch your car go back to looking good as new.

Removal of light scratches

Best UV Protection for Car Paint

1. The first thing you do when you want to clear out paint scratches is washing and drying your car.

2. After the car has dried, mark the scratch using masking tape in order to make the application process easy.

3. Apply the scratch removal product of your choice on the marked surface where the scratch is located using a cloth for 30 seconds in a back and forth motion. Remember to apply firm finger pressure when doing the rubbing.

4. Wipe the area dry using a dry microfiber towel that is clean and inspect the results of the scratch removal process. Assess whether further steps are needed.

5. Reapply the scratch repair and renew product of your choice until you get the results you desire or until the scratch becomes invisible.

6. Finish the process by applying the scratch removal product to a larger surrounding area in order to blend the repair in.

Removal of scrapes

The methods you can use to get rid of scratches on your car are more than one. If you have a shallow scrape on your car, you can use the toothpaste method. Yes, toothpaste can be used to remove scrapes. Toothpaste is equally abrasive as grit sandpaper and can be an excellent alternative to remove small scratches.

The other method you can employ to clear out scratches needs you to have the following materials: a sandpaper, microfiber towel, polishing compound and a rubbing compound. To know whether the scratches on your car qualify for the repair we are about to go through do this simple experiment. Run your fingernails across the scratch.

If you glide across the scratch with your nails without catching the scratch, the scratch is minor. Here are the steps to repair the scratch.

Removal of minor scratches

1. Wet the scratch and the sandpaper then sand lightly until you get a dull look from the finish and the scratch no longer appears obvious.

2. On the polishing pad, apply a squirt rubbing compound then use the pad to spread the compound around.

3. At an rpm of 1200 run the drill or polisher until you get a haze that’s light. To restore the shine of your paint, follow up with a polishing compound.

Removal of deep car scratches

It’s harder to remove deep car scratches. However, with a little patience you get rid of the paint scratches that have cut deep into the car’s body in no time. The steps are:

1. Sand the scratched area using sandpaper until you reach your car’s metal panel. Remember to sand in the direction of the scratch.

2. Using a paper and masking tape mask off the scratched area to keep the paint from spreading to other areas. Using a primer spray the scratches area and let it dry.

3. Spray the scratched area with a paint that matches that of your car then let it dry.

4. Polish the newly-painted area to make it look like the rest of your car. Onto a polishing pad lay a quarter-sized bead then in circular motions rub the bead in until all the polish is removed.

There you have it, the different steps you can take to buff out paint scratches while at home. Whether your car has a minor or a deep scratch you now know how to repair it yourself and restore your car’s paint.

To find the best car wax to remove scratches, see what we have recommended for you!

Things to do while stuck at home 

Things to do while stuck at home 

I’m sure many of you are bored at home, with not a lot to do. You’re probably worrying about the health of your car in these desperate times of pandemic outbreak and lockdown? Are you worrying about flat spots on your tire or about the life of the engine? Due to lockdown in most parts of the world, people are not being able to take their car out for a drive very far or take proper care of it. 

There are many issues that could occur if leaving your car untouched for longer than a few weeks. So we have listed some things to keep busy for you and also keep the health of your car too! 

Problems of Keeping Your Car Idle for Long


The batteries may drain eventually, the belts and the wires may get corroded if the car is not used for a long time, the brakes tend to lose their grip, and the appearance of the car may lose its beauty if you do not pay heed to the maintenance of the car. If you are truly a car lover, you probably take care of your car like your child. But we want to help anyway!


Best wax for clear coat

First things first, clean your car. If you do not have car cleaners, you can see what we recommend for the best car cleaners, otherwise use some water and soap from home. They work just as fine as any car-specific cleaners. Disinfecting your car is the most important thing right now. If you do not have any household cleaner as well, simply use shampoo or soap and water and that would do the trick. Too much use of water will make your work inefficient and be careful when you use water, especially near the electronics. Do not scrub too hard as it tends to remove the surface coatings. See our article on how to clean cars here.


For the betterment of your car-engine, you may have to turn it on to let the batteries warm up adequately. Do not go out  far to drive during the lockdown, but around the block a few times will do the trick! If this isn’t available to you, change the tire positions by moving your car back and forth to prevent black spots on your tire. You can also clean the inside of your car with seat cleaners, wipe down the dashboard with a dust remover and disinfectant wipes and clean all the glass. Wash the outside and top it was a top coat of car polish.

Benefits of Applying Top Coat Car Polish

Protects from the sun

The top coat car polish protects the paintwork and extends the lifespan of the car paint. The top coat car polish tends to protect the paint from getting bleached under the scorching heat of the sun. Polishes add a new coating to the paintwork and gives an extra shine to the appearance of your car. It makes your car look brand new, with extra shine and gloss. 

Scratch proof

Once you apply the car polish, your car will become scratch-proof. No matter how careful you are on the road, the passer-by is not as careful as you are. And within a fraction of a second, you may have scratches on your car. The use of top coat car polish may reduce the scratches to some extent (for when you get back on the road) or even while idle in your driveway.

Best UV Protection for Car Paint


If your car gets dirty quite often, you may have to wash it more frequently. Most people are car lovers but not everyone loves to spend lots of time washing their car. You can send it to the car washing company or even learn to do it yourself. But now that option of taking it to the car wash is invalid. If you have applied the top coat car polish after thoroughly washing the car, then it reduces the regularity of car wash as it prevents the dirt from sticking to your car. And hence, you get to keep a clean car for a longer time.

There is no denying that the use of car polish can enhance the beauty of the car and extend the longevity of the paintwork but only if you use the correct techniques while polish it. Always avoid polishing your car without cleaning the car beforehand. 

Bottom Line

If you are missing the sound of the running engine since it’s been too long you have taken your car out, you can try these few suggestions to satisfy yourself. After all the cleaning and polishing has been done, sit in the car, turn it on to enjoy the sounds of the engine running. Put on some music and let the car get heated up for some time. That way the machines and the wires will not get corroded as well.