A Beginner’s Guide to Removing Light Scratches with a Car Scratch Remover

<a></a>A Beginner’s Guide to Removing Light Scratches with a Car Scratch Remover

To car enthusiasts, there is nothing more horrifying than finding scratches on your car. Luckily, light scratches can be removed with the help of a car scratch remover. But unfortunately, not all scratches are light.

The car’s paintwork has several layers. It consists of a topcoat, base paint, and primer. Those who wax or coat their cars put an additional protective layer on the paint.

First, you need to determine how deep a scratch your car has, meaning how many layers has the scratch penetrated. You can do a fingernail test by going over the scratch with a fingernail. If your fingernail doesn’t catch any paint, the scratch has damaged the topcoat resulting in a light scratch. If it does capture some paint then the base coat and primer are damaged resulting in a deeper scratch.

Light scratches can usually be removed with the help of a car scratch remover. With deep scratches, you generally need to do a lot more than just use a remover. You may also want to consider going to a professional for deep scratches.

Looking After Your Car, Car Polish

Removing Light Scratches With A Car Scratch Remover

Items you will need:

  • 2 microfibre cloth
  • Masking tape
  • Car scratch remover

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by cleaning the exterior of your car thoroughly and then pat it dry with a clean cloth.
  2. Locate the scratches on the car and mark them with masking tape. This will help ensure that you don’t miss a scratch when applying the car scratch remover.
  3. Using a microfiber cloth, apply a generous amount of the car scratch remover onto the scratch. Use a circular motion to apply and firmly rub it in for about 30 seconds.
  4. Wipe the remover off using a clean microfiber cloth.
  5. If the scratch remains, reapply the car scratch remover until the scratch is no longer visible.
  6. Apply a small amount of car scratch remover to the area surrounding the scratch so the paint blends.

Removing Deep Scratches From Your Car

Items you will need:

  • Primer spray
  • Paint spray
  • Car polish
  • Polishing pad
  • Masking tape
  • 2,000 grit Sandpaper

As stated before, only attempt to do this if you are familiar with how automotive paint works. Otherwise, you may risk ruining the paintwork of your car.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Wash your car thoroughly and pat it dry.
  2. Using sandpaper, rub the area of the scratch until the metal panel of the car appears.
  3. Apply masking tape and paper in the area surrounding what you’ve sanded off. So the paint doesn’t spread to it.
  4. Use a primer spray and spray the sanded area and let it dry.
  5. Spray paint over the primer now and let it dry.
  6. Now, polish the area using a polishing pad. Make sure to apply the polish in a circular motion and keep rubbing it in until all the beads of the polish are removed.
  7. Remove the masking tape and paper.

The process may seem simple, but if you don’t have the right equipment or don’t work carefully, you can easily mess up the paintwork of your car.

How To Protect Your Car From Scratches

Here are some tips to help you prevent swirls and light scratches on your car.

  • Don’t use a cloth or towel to wipe the dust off a dry car.
  • Wipe your car only after you’ve washed it thoroughly using a microfiber cloth.
  • While washing your car, rinse and clean the sponge or mitt often. Have two buckets with you while you wash the car, one with water and the other to rinse the mitt and sponge.
  • Dry your car off with a clean, thick microfiber cloth that easily absorbs water.
  • Avoid automatic car washes as the machine can leave scratches on your car.
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Getting Rid Of Car Scratches

No matter how protective you are of your car, it will eventually get scratched. You can deal with minor swirls and scratches yourself. Just use a good car scratch remover to get the job done. When it comes to deeper ones, you may want to consider going to the professionals, unless you know how to work with sandpaper and paint. Otherwise, you may end up ruining your car’s paint by trying to save some money.

6 Must-Have Car Accessories For Detailing Your Car At Home

6 Must-Have Car Accessories For Detailing Your Car At Home

Having the right car accessories for detailing is vital for the best results. Car detailing entails more than just washing your car. You clean every nook and cranny, so your car is dirt and dust-free. The only way to do that is if you have the right accessories in your car cleaning kit. 

Wondering which car accessories you need for detailing? We have tried, and tested hundreds of products to select the top six for anyone looking to detail their car at home. 

Best vacuum: ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner

Best seat gap filler: Drop Stop – Gap Filler

Best tissue holder: Carstuss Tissue Holder

Best portable jump starter: HALO Portable Jump Starter

Best exterior cleaning kit: Chemical Guys HOL121

Best car cleaning gel: PULIDIKI Cleaning Gel

Let’s look into these car accessories a little more to understand why they stand out against their competitors. 

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner

A lot of dust and dirt settles on the car mat throughout the week. For those that detail their cars at home, a powerful handheld vacuum is a must. One that gets the job done almost instantly. 

ThisWorx features technology that delivers 110W cleaning power which will clean the dirtiest of mats. It comes with a 16-foot cord, making it easy to move around and clean every inch of the car. It also comes with 3 attachments so you can pick up dirt from every nook and cranny, leaving your car mats and carpet dirt-free. The vacuum comes with a handbag so you can easily pack it up and store it when not in use.

Check the price today

Drop Stop – Gap Filler

We’ve all dropped something in the gap between the center console and the driver seat of our car. Getting the item back is a hassle since your hand doesn’t easily fit through the opening of the gap. Well, you no longer have to worry about that.

Drop Stop is a soft neoprene pad that fills the gap between the seat and the center console. It even has an open slit for your seat belt. All you have to do is fit it in the gap and it prevents items such as coins, cell phones, keys, and so on from squeezing through the gap. The best part is Drop Stop comes in one size that fits almost any car from a hatchback to SUV. 

Check the price today

Carstuss – Car Tissue Holder

Keeping a tissue box in one place on your dashboard console is not easy. You no longer have to place it on the dashboard. Carstuss has designed a convenient tissue holder that straps onto your sun visor. The holder is made out of faux leather and comes in different colors, to match your car’s interior. The ease of installation and durable material make it the ultimate tissue holder for your car.

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HALO Portable Car Jump Starter

Battery issues become common as the car ages. The HALO Portable Car Jump Starter makes it easier for car owners that have to jump-start their car. It is compact and has a durable design. 

All you have to do is plug the booster cables into the jump starter and hook them to the battery. The device provides enough power to jump-start passenger cars of all sizes. It also comes with safety features such as spark protection which make it the ideal companion for anyone that faces constant car battery issues.

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Chemical Guys HOL121 Best Car Wash Bucket Kit

Chemical Guys HOL121 is for anyone that wants their car to shine after a wash. The do-it-yourself kit comes with everything you need to clean a car’s exterior thoroughly. The micro-fiber cloth and sponge are soft and durable, making sure it leaves no scratches on the paint during the cleaning process. You also get a wash & gloss, shampoo, and wheel and rim cleaner which can dislodge the grimmest of dirt and leave your car looking as good as new. The kit is all you would need when it comes to washing your car and that’s why we love it.

Check the price today

PULIDIKI Cleaning Gel for Car

Detailing the interior of your car is not easy. There are a lot of spaces where you can’t reach with a microfiber cloth or a brush. That is where the PULIDIKI Cleaning Gel comes in. You can place the gel on top of cracks, vents, and other surfaces on the console which you can’t clean with a cloth. The gel picks up the dirt from these spaces. You can use the gel multiple times until it turns black making it a must-have for anyone that details their car at home.

Check the price today

Final Thoughts on Car Accessories for Detailing

Detailing your car is easy and fun if you have the right car accessories. The items we have highlighted above are a must for anyone looking to detail their car. For example, car shampoo is no longer enough for an exterior wash. You need a separate cleaner for the rim and tires and another one that leaves your car looking glossy and clean. When it comes to the interior, a portable vacuum with attachments that let you clean every nook and cranny is important.

So, if you are planning to detail your car at home, look no further than the car accessories we’ve mentioned if you want a car that looks as good as new. 

The Best Car Cleaning Techniques Explained For Your Car

The Best Car Cleaning Techniques Explained For Your Car

Why should I wax my car, and how do I do it?

Car scratches, Car Waxing

Those are the initial concerns you have when buying a new or used vehicle. You can utilize car washing at home and waxing as a terrific technique and method. By doing so, you can boost the brilliance and shine of your car and make it appear brand new.

You must know how to wax your car to prevent blunders and ruining the paint on it rather than elevating it. Applying wax to the exterior of your car is the procedure of waxing. A mixture of various lubricants and polymers will make your car shine.

Learning the fundamentals of car cleaning products is a skill that will benefit you a lot during your lifetime. Every car owner is aware of the long-term significance of this skill. A properly applied wax shields your car from pollution and slight damage.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when waxing your car.

Which Kind Of Wax Should You Choose?

Before starting any work on it, you should know the kind of wax you need to use on your car. The most frequently utilized waxes are of three types:

  1. Spray wax; the easiest wax to use is typically this one. Be careful to shake the container well before spraying.
  2. Paste wax; this one takes a little longer and requires a little more effort, but the outcome is nicer and lasts longer.
  3. Liquid wax; when it comes to effort and outcomes, this kind of wax falls between spray and wax.

The quality and the kind of wax you choose will frequently significantly impact at home car detailing, how you wax your car and the outcome. Higher-priced wax implies greater quality. While a cheaper wax is more economical, your car will lose its sparkle more quickly.

Using poor-quality wax will necessitate more repeated waxing, which can be tiresome and time-consuming. Although high-quality wax costs a little more, the advantages are significantly greater. There will be fewer regular waxing requirements, and the shine will remain longer.

What To Do Before Waxing Your Car?

You should always follow a few preventative measures before waxing your car. You should always follow a few preventative measures before waxing your car. The quality of the finished product will depend on how well you can prepare your at home car detailing and the paint and surface of your car.

Ideal Conditions For Waxing

Knowing when to wax your car is just as important as knowing how to do it. Any car cleaning products will work best in a cool environment, so when it’s sunny outside, Wax your car in the shade because the best choice is to wax inside. You can regulate the temperature and keep out air pollutants like bird droppings, fallen leaves, and wind-blown dust.

Clean Up The Dirt

The goal is to get rid of any dirt and grease. To ensure no dirt is left on the surface, car wash at home should be done with soap and plenty of water. Next, dry the panels. If the dirt is not removed, there is a chance that it will rub against the paintwork and harm it.

Remove Paint Defects

Try to use a polishing product to fix any apparent distortions and minor defects on your car’s exterior before applying wax.

The Best Way To Wax A Car

Whenever you do car wash at home, you should park the car in a garage or under the shade. Make careful you apply the right quantity of wax. Anyhow, it’s always preferable to use more wax than not enough. Also, you can conceal specific areas with tape or plastic if you’re hesitant to put wax.

Apply the desired quantity of wax with a microfiber cloth to the car’s surface. It is preferable to work on one surface area at a time rather than waxing the entire vehicle.

Apply the wax in a single direction with the microfiber cloth’s single side. You can use straight horizontal or straight vertical lines to apply the wax. Avoid massaging the wax in circular movements since doing so might undermine the wax’s effects.

Once you have finished applying wax to the whole exterior of the car, let it settle but watch out that it doesn’t dry out. After then, you can continue removing it. Use a fresh microfiber cloth for this or the clean side of an old towel. As it is a little more difficult to remove wax than to apply, be sure you are using adequate pressure.

Best Car Wax, car paint protector

You Car Will Thank You For The Wax

If you wish to protect your car’s paint from adverse weather, you must regularly wax it. Car cleaning products offers protection and elevates and improves the vehicle’s look. Wax of higher quality tends to last longer.

For long-lasting effects, waxing your car has to be done with the right supplies, equipment, and methods. Learning how to wax your car is simple, and you can certainly do this by yourself.

We believe this article has provided you with the information you needed.

4 Reasons Why It Is Essential To Wax Your Car

4 Reasons Why It Is Essential To Wax Your Car

There aren’t many of us who can afford to pamper our cars for hours. However, it only takes a short time to turn dull, worn-out paintwork into a mirror-like professional shine when adopting the correct car-care solutions.

By doing this, you can help prevent future car paint damage to your panels from the sun as well as climatic and aesthetic elements and retain the beauty and value of your model.

White car wax, Car polish

How is Car Wax made?

Carnauba wax is typically combined with other waxes, such as beeswax, natural oils, and occasionally petroleum refined products in a classic premium wax mixture. Special polymers and resins utilized as a vehicle wax hardener and shine enhancer are also present in many recent formulas.

Automotive wax is available in sprays, paste, and liquefied forms with formulae made for different types of paint. Car waxes often come in paste form. They frequently attract dust to the paint surface since it has a low melting point and is sticky. Every one to three months, vehicle wax has to be reapplied to retain protection and gloss.

Importance of Using a Premium Car Wax

Using premium car wax products is essential for maintaining the brilliance and brightness of your vehicle. In addition to these advantages, it is vital to shield the outside of your car from damaging pollutants.

Moreover, it offers an additional protective barrier over your car’s top coat to shield it from adverse weather conditions, salt buildup, bird droppings, damaging UV rays, industrial pollutants, moisture, and many other things.

By not waxing your car regularly, you increase the likelihood of corrosive substances in the air and on the road harming your vehicle. Furthermore, without vehicle wax, these compounds become a component of your car’s clear coat and become difficult to remove without damaging the paint.

You then risk scratching your car and leaving swirl marks if you try to remove these particles with your own hands. Further advantages of routine automotive waxing include;

Protect Your Car from Scratches

A premium car wax adds a layer of protection when placed on top of the clear coat of paint on the vehicle. Without the extra coating, when the car is rubbed with dirt, the dirt grinds into the body and produces scratches. However, the automotive wax coating prevents the dirt particles from mixing into the paint and allows it to slip off the body. 

Provides Your Car with a Durable Shine

Making your vehicle sparkle, shine, and glow is one of the most satisfactory reasons to get it periodically waxed high quality automotive wax products. Everyone wants to drive a spotless, well-maintained vehicle.

And thanks to advancements in technology, you can now wash your car in a matter of minutes since the products are much simpler to use than they formerly were.

Enhances Reselling Value

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to update your vehicle at some time and either sell or trade-in your existing one for a new one. Every used car dealer you come across will consider several things when determining the resale value of your automobile.

However, if you spend a reasonable amount of time waxing your car each month, you won’t need to worry because it will significantly increase the resale value of your automobile.

Car Wax, Car Wax Essentials

Prevents Paint from the Exposure

Your vehicle is frequently exposed to severe weather conditions. Your car’s paint can be harmed by various climatic factors, such as UV radiations, strong winds, snow, hail, and rain. The cause of this damage is oxidation, which gradually eats away at the paint on your automobile until it starts to come away from the body.

Regularly applying a coat of premium wax can prevent exposure to these damaging factors to the body of your car. Moreover, vehicle wax stops the fading, discoloration, and oxidation of your car’s paint caused by UV radiation, just like sunscreen protects your face from sun damage.

Look after your car with car wax

Use products only designed for automotive use; never use them on surfaces made of glass, plastic, rubber, or vinyl. The components in auto paint sealants and automotive wax vary widely across brands. The protection and shine will remain longer if you choose high-quality items.

Seven Products That Are A Must In Every Car Owners Life

Seven Products That Are A Must In Every Car Owners Life
Car Maintenance, Car Cleaning Supplies

Bought a new car but are lost about what products to use while cleaning it? No need to worry. We are here to help you pick out the best car cleaning products that you might need.

Car owners are incredibly particular about their cars and want them to look clean and proper without any scratches or marks. Here at Best Car Was reviews, we put out the reviews of car cleaning-related stuff so that you are at the top of your car game.

Here are a few items that are a must in every car owner’s life:

1. Wax

The trustee wax has been a staple in every car owner’s home for decades. At first, when there wasn’t much advancement in technology, car owners had to rely on chemicals for cleaning their cars, but now many brands have come out with waxes that have so much to offer.

Let’s start from the beginning; the wax is used to clean scratches that might be on your car. It isn’t enjoyable for many car owners to see minor scratches on their valuable cars. This is where wax comes to your rescue. Wax not only helps remove scratches but also helps in removing stains of all kinds; that is why car wax is a must in any car cleaning kit

2. Microfibre cloths

When talking about car cleaning essentials, we cannot forget microfibre cloths. Made from state-of-the-art technology, these clothes are far better than your regular towel or sponge. While sponges might leave scratches on your cars and towels might not be that efficient, microfibre cloths are very convenient. They are incredibly dense and hence can absorb dirt right in. They give a new shine to the exterior of your car and make it look like it has just come out of the showroom. So, when thinking of investing in any car cleaning material, a microfibre cloth should be on top of your list.

3. Vacuums

After years of neglecting vacuum cleaners, people have realised their importance. Previously seen as an excessive car cleaning item, it has now made its way into the home of every car owner.

Vacuum, as evident, is used to clean the dirt and dust particles that might give your car a dirty look. Dust can make the interior of any car look old and is harmful to your health as well. Dirt and dust, if piled up, can give birth to pests. That is why it is essential to vacuum your car’s interior, especially the carpet and seats.

4. Car Interior Spray

The interior hardware of the car is prone to scratch marks, hand marks and dust. That is why you need to use a car spray to clean the interior of the side doors, steering area, and dashboard. 

Many people think that using a damp cloth might do the trick, but that is not the most long-lasting solution. When talking about essential car cleaning products, interior car spray is a noteworthy mention. Since it not only removes scratches and dust particles, it also gives a new shine to your car’s interior.

5. Car Soap

No, we are not talking about the soap that you use for your hygiene daily. Car soaps are specially made for the surface of your car. Many might argue that it is the same as a bar of regular soap, but that is not quite right. Ordinary soap, if used on a car surface, will damage the car’s paint and may cause the paint to wear off. That is why you must get your hands on a good car soap.

6. Wheel Brush and Tyre Shine

Wheels are without a doubt one of the essential parts of a car. That is why you need them to look clean for a good drive. Many car owners think that washing the car might be enough and that the water will wash off all the dirt from the tires, but that is not the case. Water will not be able to clean the wheels thoroughly. Hence getting a wheel brush and tyre shine might be your best option.

Both products are beginner-friendly and are a fantastic addition to any car cleaning kit. Using a wheel brush, you can reach the insides of the wheel and can clean them properly; the tyre shine will keep the tyres looking fresh.

7. Car glass cleaner

One of many car owners’ most common pet peeves is the car windows and windshield looking dirty.

When buying car cleaning products, invest in a car glass cleaner. It will help the glass of your car look fresh and clean.

Car polish, Car Cleaning Supplies

Final Thoughts:

Many car cleaning products are available in the market, but these are the most used ones and are worth the money. Before buying any product, do your research about what goes in that specific car cleaning product to ensure that you aren’t using anything harmful.

A Quick Guide To Choose The Best Car Wax For Your Car

A Quick Guide To Choose The Best Car Wax For Your Car

Wax is a protective coating added to the top layer of paint, a clear finishing coat on cars. The finish of modern vehicles consists of three layers: base primer, colour coat, and wax (clear coat). The smoothness of the clear coat determines the quality of a vehicle’s shine; the smoother the top layer of paint is, the more it resembles a mirror.

Exposure to the weather leaves microscopic fissures in colour, which you can cover with a thin layer of car wax. Also, the car wax must be applied to a properly clean vehicle to be effective and long-lasting. Now you must be wondering, which car wax is the best?

That is based on your priorities for yourself and your car detailing. It also depends on the characteristics you seek in car wax and the age and condition of your vehicle’s paint. Continue reading for our suggestions on why it would be beneficial for you to invest in a car wax for your vehicle.

Best Car Wax, car paint protector

Why car wax is a better option for your vehicle?

We all know how significant it is to wash your car regularly, but what about waxing it?

Waxing your car puts a thin coat of wax to your paint, letting it firm somewhat, and then rubbing it off with a cloth or polisher. Waxing has several advantages, particularly in the winter.

Summer is the most popular time to wash and wax your cars because of the pleasant weather and abundant sunshine. Keeping a decent wax on your vehicle over the winter months, on the other hand, might be better for your paint job.

Waxing can help keep your car detailing looking new for years, especially in harsh winters and salted roads.

How will car wax save you money in the long run?

1. Weatherproofing

It will protect your car detailing from the weather with a good layer of wax. It’s a barrier that protects the paint from the sun’s rays in the summer and from ice and road salts in the winter.

Waxing your car will protect it against fading, discolouration, oxidation, and minor scratches.

2. It gives your car a lustrous sheen.

Your car will appear new with a fresh layer of wax. Wax polishes the clear coat and enhances the car’s colour and lustre. Many owners appreciate their car detailing, which is sufficient reason to maintain it waxed.

3. Prevents water stains

Water gathers on the surface of your paint when it rains, and when it evaporates, it leaves dirt and pollutants behind. Water droplets will pearl up and roll off your car detailing with a good coat of wax.

Consequently, less water will remain on your car, resulting in fewer impurities and a better-looking vehicle.

4. When your car gets scratches, waxing is quite useful

Your vehicle is sure to get scratched at some point. It’s also likely to develop dents and other damage.

Waxing can assist in solving this issue. It is far superior to paints and primers. You will notice that this wax helps to protect your skin from UV radiation damage.

5. It is simple to use

Waxing a car is something that some people dread. But it is not, however, a challenging task.

There are contemporary technologies that allow you to apply this wax quickly nowadays. Depending on how you use it, you may need to wax your automobile 2-4 times each year.

Protect car paint, car wax

6. Increases the resale value

Most people want to update their cars at some time and exchange or sell the old ones for a new one. Every dealer you come across will check for specific aspects when determining the resale value of your used vehicle.

However, spend a significant amount of time waxing your car at appropriate schedules. You will have nothing to worry about, as it will considerably increase the resale value of your vehicle.


Frequent polishing or paint is not recommended because it includes harsh ingredients. Therefore, using wax to protect your car detailing on a regular schedule is essential.

The information above will assist you in figuring out that waxing is far cheaper and more helpful in the long run than polishing or painting your car. You must consider waxing your car now, and you will be pleased to see the results.

Keeping Your Automobile’s Paint Safe Through Waxing

Keeping Your Automobile’s Paint Safe Through Waxing

The best car wax for car paint protects your auto from scratches and chips that may ruin the look of your vehicle. But if your car already has scratches, waxing is still useful. It may not be a guarantee but wax can be applied to fill in some scratches on your auto. Waxing is also one way to make your vehicle’s surface shine. Finally, applying wax to the surface is beneficial for you as it makes auto cleaning easier. This is because wax serves as a protective layer that keeps dirt, insects, tree saps, and other debris away from sticking to your car’s surface. These are just some of the benefits of car waxing. Read on to learn more.

Steps to waxing your car, Best Car Wax

How to Protect Car Paint with Wax

If you are not waxing your car, think about the benefits you are missing. But first off, what exactly is a car wax? Car wax is a hard hydrocarbon at room temperature that can come from Carnauba, palm waxes, or other natural sources. Synthetic waxes are also available in the market which usually come from silicones. A car wax product is mixed with oils and solvents to make it a malleable substance. Wax can be in a liquid, paste, or spray form and the best car wax for car paint depends on the user’s preference.

Waxing is one of the most widely recognized ways of protecting automotive paint. This is achieved through its typical ingredients. The best car wax for car paint usually has the ingredient Carnauba. It secretes wax which protects the vehicle from heat, UV rays, and oxidation. Combined with other ingredients like bees wax and oils, these all have highly reflective properties which maintain the car’s pristine condition. The more often you wax your car, the longer its shiny effect will last.

Steps in Car Waxing

If you still haven’t tried car waxing before, here are a few tips you can follow on how to protect car paint with wax.

Remove Dirt and Grime

Wash the car with a specialist shampoo to get rid of any dirt and grime. Leave a luxurious amount of lather to thoroughly wash the car. Dry the panels extensively to remove traces of suds.

Tackle Any Defects

After drying the car’s surface, it’s time to polish the panels. This should remove old layers of wax (if there are any), as well as any remaining dirt and grease. It’s also helpful to use a more abrasive product to renew the vehicle’s paint work.

Looking After Your Car, Car Polish

Apply Wax to the Car

For some, the best car wax for car paint is spray wax as it is the easiest to apply. Spray the wax on one section at a time. Using a damp microfiber towel, rub the section on each panel until you are satisfied. Buff out any remaining product. The process may take a little longer if you will be using liquid and paste wax. You may want to use a special foam applicator pad for these types of wax.

After applying the foam into the polishing pad, buff using circular motions. To give the bodywork an in-depth wipe over and buff, use a clean, soft microfiber towel. Check reflections and gaps from every angle to make sure there is no trace of product left.

If you have the means, you can also invest in your own electric, battery, or pneumatic powered buffer. This minimizes the time you need to spend waxing. These buffers are commonly used on cars with large, flat panels. If you don’t have the time to wax on your own, auto repair shops use these types of buffers and you can just bring your cars to them for your convenience.

Include Waxing Into Your Car Maintenance Routine

Protect your vehicle’s paint and make its shiny look last longer through waxing. Waxes usually last six to eight weeks before reapplication. Those who use traditional waxes typically wash and wax their cars at least once a month. However, waxing is not a guarantee that your car will not get any scratches or swirls. The wax application will not be able to prevent scraping or flying debris that can affect your vehicle’s glossy finish. Still, the best car wax for car paint is beneficial in protecting against light scratches, swirls, and oxidation.

Car Polish Vs. Car Wax: How Is It Different From Each Other?

Car Polish Vs. Car Wax: How Is It Different From Each Other?

Whether or not you’re a car owner, you may wonder about the difference between car polish and car wax is. Over time, cars may have some imperfections like paint scratches or oxidation. And you will want to get the right kind of products to get rid of these. The best car polish and car wax give vehicles wonderful shine. Most people seem to use these terms interchangeably. However, they are two different products. Let’s dig in about their differences.

The Difference Between Car Polish and Car Wax

Car Driving, Car Polish

Car Wax

When we talk about car wax, it’s all about protection. It serves as a barrier between the car’s clear coat and the elements that can harm your vehicle. In addition to protecting the automobile’s paint, car waxing can add shine and depth to the vehicle’s color because the product has color-enhancing compounds.

There are three types of car wax: liquid, paste, and spray. It can be applied either by hand using a sponge or microfiber cloth or using a buffing machine. Its synthetic coating can be made of natural oils, petroleum distillates, beeswax, or carnauba wax. In the waxing process, the technicians apply a protective layer over an automobile’s paint as a form of detailing finish.

Car Polish

A product that removes scratches, swirl marks, dirt, oxidation, and other minor imperfections from an automobile is a car polish. It is a form of paint correction that eliminates surface defects from the vehicle. It is recommended to be used before wax as it restores car paint that has lost its original shine. The task can also be delicate and time-consuming as technicians sand down the clear coat to level the car’s surface. Thus, it is irreversible.

Car polish comes in three types: polishing compounds, cutting polishes, and finishing polishes. The polishing process can be done either by hand or by machine. Car owners should clean the car first using a microfiber towel then dry it off before applying a small amount of the best car polish you can get to the car’s paintwork. At an auto shop, technicians use a machine polisher and a correct grade of a polishing pad to do the work.

When to Use a Car Wax or Polish

Car waxing and polishing are both essential to auto detailing. Car polishing will not look great if it’s not protected by wax. At the same time, wax alone will not bring out the same sheen if applied to unpolished auto paint. 

Before anything else, you should rinse your car and let it dry. Gently run your fingers over the car paint to inspect elevated specks or rough spots. If the surface of the vehicle is smooth, you only need to apply wax and wipe it off according to instructions. The car only needs to be polished if there are bumps, irregularities, or defects on the vehicle’s surface.

Car Waxing Pros and Cons

Sun damage and pollutants can damage the paint of an automobile. These elements can also make the car’s exterior look dull. Every possible reason for the wear and tear of the car surface can be avoided through car waxing. This car job also makes cleaning easier. The smoother the surface of your car is, the harder for the dirt particles to find something to stick to. Hence, it’s less likely to get dirty. One downside of car waxing is it takes time and effort to complete the job. Having your car waxed can also get a little bit costly. A good car wax product doesn’t come cheap.

Car Polishing Pros and Cons

Polishing a car is a good habit but it’s important to use the best car polish and the right methodologies. Due to atmospheric agents and pollution, the bodywork of a car fades and becomes duller as time passes by. Car polishing removes the car’s imperfections and brings it back to its former shiny appeal. However, the process cannot change the damages relating to the second layer of the bodywork or the paint if there are too many casualties in the clear coat.

Car polish

Restore Your Vehicle to Its Pre-Purchase Condition

It’s not surprising that frequent automobile usage can affect its original look. But with proper care, like car waxing and polishing, you can still make it look brand new. These two car jobs are entirely different but complement each other. Polishing a car removes minor damages on the top coat of the car’s paint, while waxing makes vehicles look shiny and protects the coat from fading and scratching. Make sure that you use quality car polish and wax products to give your vehicle the protection it needs and a fresh look!

Steps To Waxing Your Car To Make Your Car Look Brand New

Steps To Waxing Your Car To Make Your Car Look Brand New

As a car owner, we want to retain the quality of our vehicles as if it was just purchased yesterday. One trick is through car wax. But is car waxing necessary? Let’s learn more about this important car technique.

How to polish your car, Car Wax

What Is Car Waxing?

Car wax can be a natural or synthetic product but its main purpose is to provide a thin layer of protection to automobile parts. Waxing a car can also enhance the vehicle’s paint depth and shine. The majority of car waxes in the market come with natural oils, beeswax, and petroleum distillates. Some have full-blown synthetic substances and even use synthetic resins and polymers that serve as shine enhancers.

Benefits of Car Waxing

As car owners, we should learn how to wax a car properly. This skill has a lot of value and goes beyond the simple pleasure of doing the job to see the final result. These are some of the benefits of having your car waxed:

Protects Against Scratches

Car scratches are a common accident. These often affect the car’s clear coat that is the outermost layer of the car’s paint. Applying car wax provides a thin layer of protection to the clear coat of paint on top of the auto.

Protects Against Exposure

The body of a vehicle is exposed to various weather elements such as rain, snow, wind, and ultraviolet rays. Not to mention other components like tree sap, road salt, or bird droppings. These elements affect the chemicals found in the car’s paint and later on produces fading or chipping. Regular car waxing can prevent this from happening.

Makes Your Car Easier to Clean

One of the very useful properties of car wax is its cleaning benefits. It prevents dirt from penetrating the vehicle’s surface by generating a smooth and protective layer around the paint. As a result, dirt and other particles are easily washed off.

Improves Resale Value

When you decide to sell your car, one of the things professional estimators consider for the resale price is the car’s body and paint condition. Showing signs of age or faded paint can decrease a car’s resale price. Having your car waxed regularly protects it from any damages and retains its newly purchased look.

Saves You Money

Repainting your car can be expensive. That is why it’s better to include car waxing in your regularly scheduled maintenance to avoid such costs. This work extends the car paint’s lifespan significantly, saving you from spending more money.

A Step-by-Step Car Wax Process

Here is a simple guide on how to wax your car:

Get the Best Car Wax

There are two types of automobile wax available, carnauba-based wax and paint sealant. The carnauba wax contains ingredients made from Brazilian palm tree leaves and provides high-quality shine. On the other hand, paint sealant is a polymer-based wax that gives cars a longer-lasting shine and extra protection. Wax can also come in a paste, liquid, or spray form. If your car still has a good finish, you can opt for spray wax. But if your car is already old or the finish begins to oxidize, go for a liquid wax instead as they are considered the best in cleaning.

Wash Your Car

Clean your car before waxing. Leaving dirt or grime on the car’s surface may result in the paint’s clear coat becoming scratched after applying the wax. Make sure that door jambs, door handles, and all other neglected areas are thoroughly cleaned. Also, your automobile should be completely dry before applying the wax.

Car Wax

Choose an Area of Your Automobile to Begin Waxing

Apply the car wax in sections. This is so you can remember where you started applying the wax and prevent the wax from drying or staying on the car too long. The wax left on the car for too long can be difficult to remove making it labor-intensive and difficult. A great tip is to begin applying wax on the front fender panel on both sides of the vehicle above the front wheels. Then, continue waxing to the front and around the car until you finish each section.

Apply the Wax in a Circular Motion

Get a small amount of wax and apply it to the car in a circular motion, either in horizontal or vertical rows. Don’t apply too much wax. You should be able to still see the paint color through the wax during application.

Remove the Wax

Use a microfiber towel or soft cloth to remove the wax from the car’s surface. Gently apply pressure using the cloth and move it in a circular motion to remove the wax. You can also buff the car to increase the vehicle’s shine and paint luster. The car wax process should make the surface of your automobile glossy.

Protect Your Car From Hail Damage And Keep It Clean At Home

Protect Your Car From Hail Damage And Keep It Clean At Home
Hail Protection

Every person who owns a car should know how to protect a car from hail. Hailstorms can strike at anytime and could be incredibly harmful to your vehicle. One hailstorm lasting five minutes can quickly result in your time and money in repair costs. This will definitely leave you irritated and somewhat helpless while thinking about how to protect a car from hail.

On the other hand, everyone aspires to have a gleaming, clean automobile. Car wax items are quite useful in keeping any car appearing cleaner and nicer. Therefore, in addition to these advantages, they certainly play an important function in safeguarding the outside of your vehicle from contaminating substances and inclement weather. They apply a measure of protection onto your vehicle’s clear coat to keep it safe from the climate.

How To Protect A Car From Hail

Not many drivers know how to protect a car from hail when they become entangled in a storm. Unfortunately, theres no option of pressing a button on your gaming console to activate a hail shelter or set your car to “hail settings”.

One of the best solution to safeguard your vehicle against hail would be keeping it in a completely enclosed garage. This might mean watching the weather forecast, and parking it at your local grocery store with undercover parking for safety.

Make Your Car Look Shiny At The Same Time

One of the most compelling reasons to have your automobile polished periodically is to make the car shimmer, glitter, and shine. Car wax could dramatically increase the sheen of your vehicle’s paint. The car wax makes your car look clean and fresh while driving the streets.

By failing to polish your automobile on a regular basis, you are increasing the likelihood of corrosive particles in the environment damaging your car. When there is a lack of wax on the vehicle, these compounds become incorporated into a layer of your vehicle. They get even harder to clean without causing damage to the color of the vehicle. Waxing is one of the best ways to keep your car clean.

Importance of looking after cars

How To Protect A Car From Hail

Maintenance of looking after cars is essential. Knowing how to protect your car from hail is a good thing to know. If you look after your car properly, you will make your car last longer and the resell value higher.

Maintaining a car’s battery, changing filters on a regular basis, driving nicely, refilling fluids frequently, checking the car’s tyres as well as follow the servicing schedule are among the most important tips for maintaining the car in an appropriate way. However, don’t forget to cover your car when necessary, especially if you don’t own a garage. And in the case of hail, think of putting lots of towels on your car to protect the paint and exterior from damage


As you already know your car is generally exposed to many types of weather. So, many factors like road salt, UV-rays, or even hail may all harm the exterior of your car. Applying a layer of wax frequently may assist in protecting the body of your car as a result of being exposed to these potentially hazardous components. That is why it is crucial to know how to protect a car from hail and keep it clean on a regular basis.