The Importance Of Polishing Your Car

The importance of polishing your car and why:

Car paint polish

Car paint polish is a very import part of keeping your car with that new car feeling. Your car is one of the most valuable and useful things you will likely ever own. With that in mind, it’s so important to keep it not just looking great but feeling great. Cars take a lot of love and care when maintaining them so if you are willing to put in the time and effort, your car will last longer and keep looking its best for longer too.

What are the benefits of polishing your car?

There are a whole bunch of advantages to polishing your car, making sure your cars paint stays polished allows it to last so much longer. The paint on your car is subjected to great speeds and intense wind and rain. Not only does a layer of polish mitigate these damages it also helps smooth out the ones that are already there. Using wax, as opposed to polish actually can wear down minor abrasions, remove small scratches and help buff out oxidized paint spoiling the look of your car. Using polish may not remove these small imperfections but it can help protect against future ones.

Some misconceptions about waxing and polishing your car:

Some people have some misunderstandings about polishing and waxing their car, for example, many people believe that after waxing you have to polish. This isn’t actually true, waxing your car only is perfectly fine for the paint. The only difference between polishing and not after waxing is that polishing your car will look much cleaner, much shinier and the paint job will be extra protected from the elements.

Windshield Wax

Do I need to polish my car?

Although you don’t have to polish your car, it will improve the life of the paint and save you a lot of money in the long run. The cost of car paint polish and wax for your car’s maintenance regularly is much less than having to have the paint job redone and the car re-detailed. 

How often should I polish my car?

Caring for your car doesn’t have to be a weekly task, but it should be done several times a year. Here is a breakdown:

Waxing: Waxing only needs to be done once every 3 or so months. This way you get your maximum value for money, the wax protects your car for up to 3 months before it has been worn down by the wind, rain, and air resistance. If you also have a leather interior in your car, you can sync up the times you wax your car and treat the interior as they need to be done about as often as each other. Find out more on white car wax, best wax for black cars and wax to remove scratches.

Polishing: Polishing your car only needs to be done half as often. Twice a year, about every 6 months, is a good time estimation of how often is best. Because you should be doing a thorough detailing of your car once a year, it might be ideal to do your full detail, polishing and waxing all at the same time at the end of the year. 

Inside: Cleaning the inside of your car is also important, this should really be done weekly to keep it tidy. However, giving it a proper run through with a vacuum cleaner and some wet wipes once a month can make your car look as nice on the inside as at will on the out when it’s freshly polished.

Does it work out to be cost-effective?

Waxing your windshield

Many people choose to avoid polishing their cars because they don’t want to bite the cost of buying polish. This is a HUGE rookie mistake. The cost of polishing your car, including first time purchase of equipment, can be as little as $50. It may take you a while to get used to how to polish your car but it still isn’t a very long process. Compare that to the cost of having to have your cars paint job touched up because you haven’t protected the cars paint properly. A touch-up job can cost at least a few hundred dollars, plus it will take hours. It works out much cheaper and quicker to just polish your car regularly to keep its paint job looking good.

In conclusion:

Yes, polishing your car is 100% worth it financially. Even if you don’t feel like polishing it yourself it is still a good idea to have the car polished by a professional. But, it really isn’t very hard or time intensive so you’re better off doing it yourself. If you wish to find out more on exactly how to wax or polish your car, read this article here.

To protect your car, car paint polish really is the way to go.