Steps to waxing a car

Car wax

Steps to waxing a car, why should I do it? Car waxing is the most important technique you can use to increase the brightness of your car and make it look like new. While waxing, people generally make silly mistakes and end up destroying the beauty of the car, rather than enhancing it.

Waxing a car is the process of applying a layer of wax, which is a combination of various oils and polymers, on the outside of the vehicle. This enamel reflects the sun’s rays, so it incorporates an elegant glow on the outside of the vehicle.

For those people who love their car (like you and us!), car waxing is an important element of its treatment. Buffing a car is not a tedious job only if you are well prepared with the necessary products and basic knowledge about how to wax a car.

Learning correctly how to polish a car is a skill that every car owner should have. This ability has a lot of value and goes beyond the simple pleasure of doing the job to see the final result. Of course, that feeling is also quite impressive, but there is real long-term value in this job, especially when you do it regularly.

An effective wax work properly applied, protects any car from certain minor scratches and hides others, as well as helping to prevent oxidation, especially during the cold months.

Which wax should I buy?

Before getting down to work and starting to shine the car, you should know more about the wax layer. The finish and shine with which the car is left depends largely on the quality of the wax you use. Therefore, it is advisable to use high quality.

A low quality can be economical, however, this type of wax will lose its shine in a few days and, therefore, will require a much more frequent waxing, while a good quality wax can be a bit expensive, but its results will last much longer, reducing the need to wax a car frequently. There are different types of car wax, read more about white car wax and best wax for black cars.

The wax will come in liquid form and also in paste, both with unique benefits. Liquid wax is popular since the shine persists for a prolonged period, while the paste is popular because it provides a better shine.

If you need wax to remove scratches, you can read more here.

What should I do before waxing my car?

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You should take some precautionary steps before deciding to wax your vehicle. The first step should be to wash the vehicle, get rid of all the land settled outside. If you do not clean the dirt with water, there is a possibility that you rub the dirt on the paint, which will cause scratches. In case there are any scratches, repair them with a polishing compound. You can now follow the steps to waxing a car below.

Steps to waxing a car

Immediately after washing the car, dry it and park it in the shade to begin the waxing and polishing process. Be sure to use the correct amount of wax, as applying more than the required amount can complicate the waxing activity.

Take a cotton cloth and apply the necessary amount on the body. Most people make a common mistake when applying the wax layer in circular motions. This technique usually ruins the effect of the wax. The proper technique is to apply the car wax in straight lines. You can do it in two ways, in straight horizontal lines or straight vertical lines.

Once you are done with the full body of the vehicle, take a short break to allow the wax to settle, but make sure it does not dry out. After the polish layer becomes a slightly opaque mist, you can start removing it. Use a cloth to clean the vehicle’s wax, remove it with a circular motion in the opposite direction in which you applied it.

Be sure to remove all wax by putting enough pressure. Change the towel or cloth as often as necessary to avoid putting the wax back on the surface of the paint during this activity. This avoids any possibility of swirl marks.

Importance of waxing and polishing

Car wax

A good wax tends to stay “stuck” as it generates a more long-term effect that will protect your car from the bad weather, so it is important to wax your car under the conditions indicated.

Waxing your car is important, facilitates its cleaning and maintains its value over time, so it must be with the correct technique, products, and utensils for a beneficial and lasting result, which will eventually make your car get less dirty and less expensive to clean. Your car will thank you for following these steps to waxing a car.