Things to do while stuck at home 

Top coat car polish

I’m sure many of you are bored at home, with not a lot to do. You’re probably worrying about the health of your car in these desperate times of pandemic outbreak and lockdown? Are you worrying about flat spots on your tire or about the life of the engine? Due to lockdown in most parts of the world, people are not being able to take their car out for a drive very far or take proper care of it. 

There are many issues that could occur if leaving your car untouched for longer than a few weeks. So we have listed some things to keep busy for you and also keep the health of your car too! 

Problems of Keeping Your Car Idle for Long


The batteries may drain eventually, the belts and the wires may get corroded if the car is not used for a long time, the brakes tend to lose their grip, and the appearance of the car may lose its beauty if you do not pay heed to the maintenance of the car. If you are truly a car lover, you probably take care of your car like your child. But we want to help anyway!


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First things first, clean your car. If you do not have car cleaners, you can see what we recommend for the best car cleaners, otherwise use some water and soap from home. They work just as fine as any car-specific cleaners. Disinfecting your car is the most important thing right now. If you do not have any household cleaner as well, simply use shampoo or soap and water and that would do the trick. Too much use of water will make your work inefficient and be careful when you use water, especially near the electronics. Do not scrub too hard as it tends to remove the surface coatings. See our article on how to clean cars here.


For the betterment of your car-engine, you may have to turn it on to let the batteries warm up adequately. Do not go out  far to drive during the lockdown, but around the block a few times will do the trick! If this isn’t available to you, change the tire positions by moving your car back and forth to prevent black spots on your tire. You can also clean the inside of your car with seat cleaners, wipe down the dashboard with a dust remover and disinfectant wipes and clean all the glass. Wash the outside and top it was a top coat of car polish.

Benefits of Applying Top Coat Car Polish

Protects from the sun

The top coat car polish protects the paintwork and extends the lifespan of the car paint. The top coat car polish tends to protect the paint from getting bleached under the scorching heat of the sun. Polishes add a new coating to the paintwork and gives an extra shine to the appearance of your car. It makes your car look brand new, with extra shine and gloss. 

Scratch proof

Once you apply the car polish, your car will become scratch-proof. No matter how careful you are on the road, the passer-by is not as careful as you are. And within a fraction of a second, you may have scratches on your car. The use of top coat car polish may reduce the scratches to some extent (for when you get back on the road) or even while idle in your driveway.

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If your car gets dirty quite often, you may have to wash it more frequently. Most people are car lovers but not everyone loves to spend lots of time washing their car. You can send it to the car washing company or even learn to do it yourself. But now that option of taking it to the car wash is invalid. If you have applied the top coat car polish after thoroughly washing the car, then it reduces the regularity of car wash as it prevents the dirt from sticking to your car. And hence, you get to keep a clean car for a longer time.

There is no denying that the use of car polish can enhance the beauty of the car and extend the longevity of the paintwork but only if you use the correct techniques while polish it. Always avoid polishing your car without cleaning the car beforehand. 

Bottom Line

If you are missing the sound of the running engine since it’s been too long you have taken your car out, you can try these few suggestions to satisfy yourself. After all the cleaning and polishing has been done, sit in the car, turn it on to enjoy the sounds of the engine running. Put on some music and let the car get heated up for some time. That way the machines and the wires will not get corroded as well.