What is Car Window Wax?

How well you take care of your car windows determines whether they give you a good or poor view of the surrounding. By applying car window wax, your windows remain sparkling clean, giving you a better look and avoiding accidents as well.

Unfortunately, a common myth surrounding car maintenance is that applying car window wax is a bad idea. Therefore, most car owners resort to conventional methods of cleaning their windows. The truth is that waxing your car windows will help repel rain and debris. Besides, it will give your car a glossy, shiny look, which your vehicle deserves.

What is car wax?

Car wax is a synthetic product often made of carnauba wax which seeks to protect the body of a car. It protects the vehicle by protecting the car’s clear coat as well as the paint job. Unfortunately, most car owners aren’t aware that they can also wax their car windows.

What are the benefits of car window wax?

Waxing your windshield

The first benefit of waxing your car windows is that water will not form on the surface. When you take off the wax, it leaves a thin hydrophobic layer. The layer ensures that water will neither cling on the surface of the window, and it won’t form beads. 

Instead, it will roll down, making it easy to see through the window. The rolling down of water is particularly essential for your windshield when driving during rainy conditions.

Second, waxing your windows, especially the windshield, helps reduce noise when using wipers. Wax leaves a slippery surface, which reduces friction and eliminates unwanted noise when using the wipers. Without the squeaking sound of wipers, you are likely to enjoy driving in the rain.

Waxing your windows also offers UV protection, which in turn benefits the car’s interior. Lastly, the need to apply car window wax, especially during winter, is understated. The hydrophobic layer that wax leaves will ensure snow doesn’t stick to the windows. Thus it will be easy to get the snow buildup down from your windows as you rush to work in the morning.

How to wax your car windows

Before applying car window wax, you need to:

  1. Thoroughly clean your car. Ensure there is no dust, debris, or particles on the window before applying the wax. The presence of particles, dirt, or debris will make it hard for the wax to adhere to the window. When cleaning, we recommend using water and soap.
  2. Once the car is clean, dry the windows thoroughly. Any moisture on the window will make it hard for the wax to stick to the surface of the window. Remember, wax is oily, and oil doesn’t get along with water.
  3. Decide on the type of wax you need. There are two main types of wax to choose from; wax that is in liquid form and one that is a paste. If you have little experience with waxing, we recommend car wax liquid. It is easy to apply and ideal for slightly new cars. 
  4. Buy the wax. When purchasing the wax, be extremely cautious to avoid buying polish instead of wax. Car wax is purely made of wax, while car polish contains chemical elements that are abrasive. Therefore, applying car polish on your windows could be disastrous.

If you haven’t tried waxing your windows before, don’t be afraid. It is a relatively simple and safe process. Applying the wax on your car windows is similar to applying the wax on your car body.

Car polish

When applying the wax, consider using a microfiber towel. Its material is gentle compared to the material of other cloths; hence it won’t scratch your windows. Also, a microfiber towel can eliminate swirl marks, which are common after waxing. After applying, leave the wax on and let it dry. Then wipe it off and buff to give it a glossy appearance.

For better results, consider applying the car window wax twice. Note that you need to wax your car when it is in the shade. Waxing under direct sunlight may not be efficient since the wax may dry excessively fast. 


Contrary to the myth, applying car window wax is a good idea for your car. You get to enjoy a more unobstructed view of the surroundings and protect the windows from UV rays. Besides, you get to see clearly when driving in the rain, and you don’t have to worry about the irritating squeaking sound of your wipers. To maintain its integrity, consider waxing your car windows twice a year.

If you’re unsure on what type of car wax you should get, have a look at our black car wax and white car wax that we recommend to find the highest quality, right wax for you!